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Thursday, 5th Apr 2012

Are you interested in swapping your life for a week in one of Dunfermline`s twin towns ?

Knickerbockerglory (the producers of PINEAPPLE DANCE STUDIOS) are making TWIN TOWNS!

The idea is that we take a family from the twinned towns or sister cities across the pond and they will swap lives for a week for an all expenses paid trip to their opposite town. So if you are interested in swapping lives with an American family from Sarasota, Florida for one week get in touch !

We are looking for families to represent the UK and would love to hear from you if you are interested.

We are celebrating town twinning and we want the families that take part to love their home town and want to show it off.

The families could swap jobs, schools, homes and hobbies and get to know friends of their swapped families.

We are not going down the confrontational routes of wife swap/holiday showdown.. We will ask that all of our families leave their trip taking something with them, this could be something typical to the place, a recipe, a saying or or even a different way of life!

If you are interested please get back to me and I can give you a call with some more information - if not please forward this on to anyone you think may be interested.

The Ugli Campus at Centre House
56 Wood Lane
London W12 7SB
Tel: 0208 740 6300
Mob: 07713 357 517
Email: Rebecca@knickerbockerglory.tv
Web: www.knickerbockerglory.tv

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