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Town Centre Cinema comes back to The Alhambra!

Saturday, 5th Feb 2011

The Alhambra Theatre plans to bring town centre cinema back to Dunfermline for the first time since 2000. The recent Imagine Dunfermline report consulted over 3000 local people, who contributed their views and aspirations for the future.

One of the key findings of this report stated that the people of Dunfermline would like to see cinema come back to the town centre, and the Alhambra Theatre would like to help this aspiration become reality.

So, people of Fife and East Scotland, The Alhambra want your opinions! As coming to an old theatre will be a unique cinema experience, we`d like to make your night out extra special by screening unique films that you won`t see in the multiplexes.

Do you have a favourite film you`ve never seen on the big screen but always wanted to? A favourite film series? A black and white classic you`ve not seen for years? Whatever your thoughts, we want to hear them!

We`d love it if you could take five minutes to complete our survey to help us plan our programme. Your feedback and opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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