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Sunday, 18th Apr 2010

Talisman Films Scotland was formed in 1982 as a film group of friends and have recorded numerous events including the Dunfermline Opera House demolition and the story of the glasgow Apollo Theatre.

In the past they have made films about The Forth Road Bridge celebrating it`s 40th anniversary in 2004, the Glasgow Apollo the story of the world famous rock venue and most recently Dunfermline Opera House, From Fife to Florida, the definitive history of how the local theatre came to be preserved and sold to Sarasota, Florida and was re-born and restored to it`s former glory.

The film is narrated by Denise Coffey and features interviews with Johnny Beattie, Ronnie Coburn, Tom Alexander and the late Jimmy Logan.

Check out their web site for more information and images of the Forth Road Bridge being built, many other images and DVD's for sale.

If anyone has any photographs or movie film of Dunfermline from 1945 onwards could they please get in touch.

Their latest project which is Dunfermline from 1945 to the present, using archive photos and movie footage.

The project is part of The Celebrating Fife 2010 organised by Fife Council and we are at the moment researching material and photos from the library, could we request if anyone has photos or movie footage of the town during the period covered, to get in touch with us.

They are covering that particular period as they have quite a lot of cine film and photographs covering this time of change in the town but do have gaps hence the request for any additional material.

One of the events they haven`t come across photos or movie is the fire in 1976 which destroyed St Pauls church and the Regal cinema, anything on that event or anything else in the town would be very welcome.

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