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About the Book

This book is written at the invitation of my colleague teachers and Ex. Students. It has helped me to gather my thoughts about physics which I have pursued for long time in a prestigious educational institute of Delhi.

While observing the pattern of CBSE question paper over the years, I came to the conclusion that it is more of application of ideas , concepts and their use in daily life. Learning /Cramming of definition and derivation would not be able to help you to score percentage. Instead , understanding of concepts and enhancement of analytical skill can develop your competence to face the challenge of board exams, as well as other competitive examinations.

Keeping in view of these requirements. I have explained concepts with the help of almost 2200 figures 750 examples and 530 conceptual problems with lot of self exercise . The concepts are explained in lucid, simple and plain English. It includes hots and value based problems which are useful for teachers as well as for students. The book should satisfy both brilliant students as well as average students. It is the third edition of this book . The mistakes that remain , are of course mine and need your help to bring them in my notice.

I hope my approach will be helpful to the students , who find this subject interesting and want to learn more. An honest feedback from students and teachers with their queries and suggestion for improvement of this book are always appreciated.

You are requested to view the two sample chapters PDF before placing your order. You can also contact me on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/sandeep.upadhyaya.77?fref=browse_search)regarding this book.

01-Electric Charges and Fields

01-Electric Charges and Fields-A

02-Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

02-Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance-A