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Letters from America - January 30, 2002

By - Wed, 30th Jan 2002

Letter Issue 13
Wild flowers in Southern California
Wild spring flowers just starting to appear after our first rains in January 2002...
I think you will find many of the same wild flowers in Scotland ... but much later in the year..
Usually January is the rainy month in Southern California ... then we get the warm winds from the South which produces the lovely wild flower displays both in the desert and on the road sides..

January is the month the Gardeners in Southern California plant their bare root roses ..and bare root fruit trees ..
most popular are the lemon and orange trees .. followed by the plum trees and the apricot ... necterines and peaches are also planted at this time of year... apples and pears do not do well in Southern California ...

However many bulb crops like tulips and daffodils create some great displays here ... but never to the standard that they grow in Scotland ... roses however give us a great show ... and many of the catcus flowers are pretty to behold.. along with this glorious display of flowers comes the weeds ...
Hope you enjoy a peep at our floral displays here in Southern California .. Cheers Jim

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