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Cup Heroes - 1961 Scottish Cup

By - Sun, 6th Mar 2011

The event for the 1961 Scottish Cup winning feat, entitled ‘Cup Heroes’ which was due at the Alhambra on the 29th April has been postponed
The event has been postponed, as soon as we get details of the new date we will let you know. refunds are available from the venue where you purchased your tickets.

Venue: Alhambra Theatre Dunfermline
Date: to be advised.
Alhambra Theatre 01383 740384

The event will feature big screen action and film of the Cup Final itself plus interviews with many of the players who took part in that historic game. A highlight of the event will be the appearance of goalkeeping hero Eddie Connachan whose many saves played a huge part in ensuring Dunfermline Athletic beat Celtic to bring the trophy back to Dunfermline for the first time.

Eddie will be flying to Scotland from his home in South Africa especially for this event and is looking forward to being reunited with his team mates.

The event is being organised by Visit Dunfermline whose Chief Executive Thomas Moffat is proud to be playing a big role in enabling this event to take place. “A successful football team plays an important part in the economic well being of Dunfermline and brings many visitors to Dunfermline which is one of our aims, and it’s great to celebrate the team that first brought success to the town all those years ago”.

‘Cup Heroes’ will be hosted by a more recent East End Park legend, the Pars very own Jim Leishman.

Hear first-hand the stories behind the win, how the Cup was almost lost on the night it was won! Find out how Jock Stein transformed the club from one that was almost relegated before he came, to trophy winners and stars on the European stage. The evening will be hosted by Jim Leishman.

Tickets for ‘Cup Heroes’ which is being sponsored by KDM Shopfitting Limited, are priced £10 and are on sale at, Alhambra Theatre and DAFC Club Shop on 01383 626737.

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