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Lemon Aid in Hiati

By - Sun, 24th Jan 2010

Jimmy Dowds is in Haiti with Lemon Aid to help the survivors of the earthquake. They need your help. Lemon Aid was set up by his son Justin to deliver relief in Haiti.
LemonAid was born out of a desire to see targetted support, investment and relief delivered to the desperately poor people of Lagonave, Haiti as the result of a visit to the island in January 2007.

Jimmy reports, "10,000 fleeing the city daily. 10,000 bodies being buried in mass graves daily. I will try send you a great photo of the first pars fan in Haiti.
Bartozs Tarachulski gave me this strip from his last game for the pars and I kept it for this special occasion .
A pars fan who is helping to save hundreds of lifes .
I am in Miami on my way home but may return on Wednesday again with another ton of medicine .
All the best ! "

Check out their web site for more details and what Jimmy is up to.

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