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Celebrating Fife 2010

By - Sat, 23rd Jan 2010

An eclectic and exciting program of music and events showcasing the illustrious career of Richard Jobson. From Tues 2nd March to 6th March 2010, Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline.
All events from Tuesday 2nd - Thursday 4th are absolutely FREE, including an Evening with Richard, hosted by Ian Rankin. To claim your ticket for the event of your choice (Max. 4 per event) then please email, include your name and which event you`d like to attend (you will be informed when they can be picked up from The Alhambra Theatre Box Office).

These events promise to be very popular, to avoid disappointment email now. Tickets are subject to availability.


Tues 2nd March
12pm - 4pm. Students Seminar
7pm: Film screening - A Woman in Winter
9pm: Fim screeing - The Purifiers

Wed 3rd March
12pm - 4pm: Movie Makers Workshop
7pm: Film screening - 16 Years of Alcohol
9pm: Fim screeing - New Town Killers

Thur 4th March
7.30pm: An evening with Richard Jobson and special guests, hosted by Ian Rankin, plus a premier showing of "The Journey".

Sat 6th March
12pm - 2pm: The SKids Meet and Greet
7pm doors: The Skids live concert

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