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Five European cities, five different characters

By - Fri, 20th Jun 2003

The European ideal, which years ago was a vision shared by the founding fathers of the European Community, is developing apace and taking on an increasingly concrete form.
Not so long ago the idea of a United States of Europe still seemed utopian, but today it is becoming more than ever a reality which has to be taken very seriously, not least at the municipal level.

The four cities are well acquainted with the "European ideal". The starting point, as far back as 1989, was primarily in the field of economic co-operation, a task whose purpose is to give new depth and meaning to the partnership between the cities.

Four cities in Europe - four different mentalities - four different regions. Logroņo and its fertile "huerta", the flavour of its wines, the hospitality of its people. Dunfermline, capital of Scotland back in the 11th Century, was once characterized by the "fire" of the coal mines, but today is one of Scotland`s major commercial centres. Vichy, France`s famous thermal spa town where "Health, Beauty and Fitness" go hand in hand with "Sport, Culture and Leisure". Water is at the heart of its culture and all its activities. Wilhelmshaven, which is engaged in intensive research into the element "wind", a city where wind power stations and the German Wind Energy Institute have been established. "Earth - Fire - Water - Wind", the original elements of life are reflected in the four European cities, which have made "Europe" the joint objective they are seeking to achieve through joint activities. Elements in cities whose aim is to be instrumental not only in bringing a joint idea to fruition but also in facing the future together.