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By - Sun, 30th Mar 2003

Developers flexible masterplan for retail revival. The main elements of the projected four-storey development are two retail anchor stores, a supermarket, shop units and an integrated multi-story car park.
Thanks to the Dunfermline Press for supplying this information.

The scheme has the flexibility to add the extra dimesnions of offices and apartments and the development footprint will absorb Randolph Street and Chapel Street, including the site of Gillespie Memorial Church.

Endorsing past descriptions of the town centre`s lop-sided shopping offer as a one-sided dumb-bell, Mr McDonald said, "We have looked at taking Queen Anne Street as the pedestrian access that would connect the Kingsgate with a counter-balancing shopping centre on the west side, and that follows very closely what is required by the Local Plan. Queen Anne Street would be upgraded to include new street furniture.

Our scheme responds, with accuracy, to the Local Plan which we have taken as sacrosanct.

With lower High Street some 12 feet below Carnegie Drive Level, the developers will require to excavate into boulder clay of the contoured site to achieve their proposed multi-tiered shopping and parking complex.

Copy of the Architects visualisations of the elevations of High Street (left), Queen Anne Street, next to the Post Office (top) and the adjoining landscaped court access to shops and parking.

The lower floor of a multi-story department store will provide the retail anchor at High Street level, but the main bench level will be at Queen Anne Street which will access the food anchor or supermarket, the second storey of the department store and individual shop units.

Mr McDonald says "We will have shops surrounding a covered central core, an atrium within which there could be restaurant and public space. It will be the only space of its kind in Dunfermline where you will have a modern food court, with covered area for small events, music and promotions".

The floor above the supermarket can accommodate another retail anchor, connecting with the third storey of the High Street store and further shop units.

"If a requirement exists, we will develop offices on the top floor", said Mr McDonald. "We will also be looking at the possibility of putting in residential units as well. There will be superb views from that height, and we might do 10 to 20 high quality two-bedroom apartments".

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