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Co-op in the news again

By - Mon, 17th Feb 2003

MacDonald Regenis`s application to demolish not just the old Co-Op, but most of that part of town.
I am certainly not impressed with their vision of what replaces the old Co-Op.

You may recall MacDonald Estates, the Co-Op developers, are in talks with Falkirk council regarding Stenhousemuir.

Well if the developers are comparing the size and character of Stenhousemuir to the Dunfermline project, I really do fear for their proposals for Dunfermline town centre.

Stenhousemuirs` present character is ghastly and similar to the sixties development of the Dunfermline Co-Op (Unitas House), now I know the Stenhousemuir area is
pretty run down, and in much need of regeneration, infact the last time I was in Stenhousemuir, was 1978, their town centre was just as depressing, and requiring regeneration even then.

What the developers have in mind for Stenhousemuir should not be the guideline for Dunfermline, I do hope Fife
town planners do not allow the Co-Op developers carte blanche, and lay down strict architectural guidelines for the Dunfermline project.

MacDonald Regenis`s application to demolish not just the old Co-Op, but most of that part of town. We are concerned about the character and hope it doesn`t become like Stenhousemuir.

I do not want to see ugly boxes consisting of, flat roofs, all glass and steel constructions, within this historic part of Dunfermline. The Co-Op developement in the sixties and 80`s,the Kinema Ballroom, and the present
Kingsgate and Bus station were also hideous constructions, these previous planning decisions, should be a reminder of past mistakes.

Some uncompressed pics of present day Stenhousmuir, famous for it`s toffee and the Highland Coo, depicting McCowans the toffee makers.
Is this how we want to see Dunfermline

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