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On a Roll

By - Tue, 12th Mar 2002

1145 (Dunfermline)'s sports team once again got together to take on the best the that Dundee & Central Scotland Wing could throw at the them.

This time the challenge was to take the form of the newly introduced 7-a-side football competition. As this was a new competition, nobody knew what to expect. However, it would be expected that Dunfermline would be confident, enthusiastic and hungry for success. We did not disappoint.

It had been a while since 1145 last took to the football field, but we were not shown to be lacking in any talent, as we took on an unknown Arbroath squadron. We might have been unknown to Arbroath before the competition, but they shall find it hard to block out the memory of the Dunfermline's impressive and commanding play that led to a 10-0 victory in the first round.

This was an encouraging victory which led the team to be in good spirits for the next round, which was to be against 1192 Kirkcaldy Squadron. Dunfermline got off to a good start and by half time; the score was 2-0 in our favour.

Unfortunately, events then took a turn for the worse and because of the various minor injuries picked up by the Dunfermline players; there was a brief interval for medical assistance. Following the interval, the full team re-started the match oblivious to the injuries that they had received. Regrettably, we did not re-gain the same focus that was apparent before the interruptions, and we lost two sloppy goals moments before the final whistle. Therefore, penalties had to decide the victor. And, as if destiny had foretold it, Dunfermline cruised through to the semi-finals thanks to some great saves from Lee Wallace and goals from Zubin Manekshaw and Martin Kenny. Roll on Leven Squadron.

This was one of the most challenging games of our competition as the Leven team had many players older and bigger than ourselves. Nevertheless, this did not faze the 1145 team. As shown in previous competitions Dunfermline loves to rise to challenges.

This match was no different. Strong challenges and unwavering aggression triumphed and Dunfermline were through to the final. Much to our delight, the final game was to be contested against an equally competitive 2450 (Dudhope) Squadron.

Before the final, we were psyched up and ready for the match to start. This was our time to show our true calibre. The game started, as it was to continue, we were strong, skillful and the Dudhope side were outclassed. They were unable to cope with such a confident Dunfermline team.

The game ended with a 2-0 victory and the honor for a satisfied 1145 team to be the first name on the new winner's trophy.

Roll on next year's competition.

David Seath 1145 (Dunfermline)

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