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Longannet Power Station in poluution list

Wed, 5th Oct 2005
Longannet Power Station in poluution list more...Longannet power station in Fife appears at number 17 on a list of the least efficient among the biggest emitters of carbon dioxide. - More...

Plans for improvement

Mon, 12th Sep 2005
Plans for improvement more...Susan Hughes, Dunfermline City Centre Manager, continues to put plans into place to regenerate Dunfermline.- More...

New dental unit at Lynebank Hospital

Fri, 19th Aug 2005

Fife Businesses count cost of waste

Sat, 13th Aug 2005
Businesses and commercial organisations in Fife generate around half a million tonnes of waste each year, much of which goes to landfill at an ever-increasing cost. More...

Gig in the Glen

Fri, 12th Aug 2005
Gig in the Glen more...A superb musical day out on Sunday 21st August.- More...

Andrew Carnegie remembered

Thu, 11th Aug 2005
On the 11th day of August at precisely the 11th hour Andrew Carnegie is remembered by the laying of wreaths at the base of his statue in Pittencrieff parkMore...

Toun Fest - Saturday

Sun, 7th Aug 2005
Toun Fest - Saturday more...Shoppers and visitors gathered in the High Street to watch Dunfermline’s “Fest Toun” parade. - More...

A proposal for discussion

Mon, 1st Aug 2005
A proposal for discussion more...Can the area that once was the heart and soul of Dunfermline ever be restored to have the status and pride of place it enjoyed in the not too distant past? The problems of the area have been well documented over the years but no meaningful solutions have yet been brought forward.- More...

Toun Fest

Fri, 29th Jul 2005
The Dunfermline Toun Fest is starting in August. As soon as (if) we get details we will provide them here.More...


Sat, 23rd Jul 2005
It`s 35 years this year (2005) since Dunfermline`s finest cover band `the Shadettes` changed their name to Nazareth.More...

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