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About the Author

Hello Friends and my dear students, I am Sandeep Upadhyaya, a post graduate teacher , teach physics to senior secondary students for their board exams as well as competitive examinations.I have more than twenty years of teaching experience as Head of the department of physics in a prestigious educational institute of Delhi . I enriched my vision about physics by joining various seminars conducted by SCERT and CBSE . I also conducted workshop for physics teachers in various schools affiliated to  CBSE .  These  experiences enabled me to identify the problem and difficulties faced by the XII board students. My deep concern for students and strong passion for subject has resulted in the form of this book.
I am interested in the way the students learn physics and develop their interest in the subject.Simple and innovative techniques of explaining various fundamentals in this book shall  endear you regarding this subject .

I am also your host on this wonderful website, dedicated to the students of class XII of C.B.S.E. , through my blog and this book, I am just trying to solve the problem of my students around the globe.